G2 cutter review

The third bottle cutter I’ve bought is the Green Generation (G2) bottle cutter, which is a traditional design, using recycled aluminium, easily available worldwide from many internet retailers in the USA. I bought mine from Maple City Glass (http://www.maplecityglass.com/) via Ebay, and it arrived very quickly to the UK.

The cutter is flat packed, and assembly is simple following the diagrammatic instructions. The cutter uses a standard 6 wheel turret hand glass cutter, which makes it very economical and easy to replace in the future from any local tool merchant. The clamping nature of the holder means you could easily upgrade it to higher quality single wheel cutter, or traditional cutter of slightly different design. I don’t see many problems in accommodating several different cutters I’ve come across. As it comes, the supplied cutter is just fine, is light,  and balances well in the device.

G2 bottle cutter


The pre-formed plastic neck mount is securely permanently mounted on the top rod, and rests well in all the bottle necks I’ve tried it in so far. I’ve read the odd review mention of it snapping off, but I can’t see that being anything other than excessive force or lack of care in use, most likely by pulling down too hard in operation. It certainly seems very robust to me in use. If that did happen, there is scope to fix it by drilling the aluminium and creating a new pivot insert. The adjustment of the mounts are by wing-nuts, and it’s easy to adjust the position quickly to ensure the vertical rod is parallel with the main bottle body, and that the bottom rod and cutter are positioned correctly to keep the cutting wheel at 90 degrees to the glass surface.

Cutter grip

 Operation in the upright position in the photo above is very simple, requiring a careful grip of the bottom cutting section in one hand, and the rotation of the bottle on a flat surface with the other. Care needs to be taken to ensure the cut stays continuous and forward moving, avoiding going over the same section more than once. It does require a little dexterity at first, but you soon find a method that suits you. I’m left handed, and it’s proven no problem at all in that respect. You soon find the knack very quickly, and the nature of the position and method gives a very clean and fine score line, without the heavy pressure and chipping that can be found with the other glass cutters. It feels much more like the light touch required when cutting flat glass. I’m more than impressed with the score line, given the relative ordinaryness of the steel wheeled cutter itself. As a result, all the results so far have been excellent, and given a very clean break when separated with hot and cold water.  The package comes with a double ended internal cut tapper, but to be honest, I’d personally recommend you just forget about it and leave it in the box, and use the hot and cold water method. Tapping the score to run it is very erratic and unsatisfactory. If you can sell it on eBay for a pound or two, even better, and it will make your G2 cutter even more cost effective.

The adjustability of the angle of ‘attack’ using the vertical rod, means you can hit numerous different places on different designed bottles, and spin it cleanly, which isn’t always the case with heavily embossed bottles using the rolling type of glass cutter. The depth of the vertical rod also means you can cut large wine and spirit bottles right down at the base, as well as bottle necks as standard, without the need for any extra parts or home made adjustments. It makes for a very flexible device indeed. I’ve not found any significant issues at all so far, and have had an excellent sucess rate with it. All in all a very cost effective, simple and productive device that would make an excellent first choice of cutter. If you are going to just buy one cutter to just  try the hobby out, then this would be my personal recommendation. I’m more than happy with it as tool for regular use with other cutters.

Pros: Good value, recycled components, easy to replace cutter, very flexible cutting range 

Cons: Slight flimsy if very heavy handed, bulky for smaller bottle cutting.