Cork bottle tops

Some time ago, Bottlecutting Inc┬áintroduced a line of cork tops for bottles, in a large and a Cork topssmall size, so I was very keen to try them out and ordered some right away. The large size covers bottles with a inside diameter of 90-100mm, and the small size covers 63-73mm, and both sets are a triple pack. The large size is bigger than most UK wine bottles, so I went with the small size pack, hoping they would be good for wine bottles and craft beer bottles. The retail cost of $8.99 and 12.99 respectively is reasonable, but given the poor rate of the pound to the dollar, and overseas shipping, they are not the most cost-effective option for UK customers, but that’s our problem, no reflection of the product or company. I just hoped I wouldn’t be clobbered by customs and excise when they landed, as I have been on other purchases from North America, as they certainly know how to cane you with admin charges. (I wasn’t, just cheap enough. phew!)

Cork bottle top┬áI was very impressed indeed with the quality of the cork tops. The immaculate cork is smooth, dust-free and high density, with a small grain, if that’s the right word (probably not!). It feels very high quality and certainly gives me the impression that the corks will remain durable and presentable for a long time under normal use. The quality feel is further emphasised by the superb packaging it came in. Bottlecutting Inc are very good at the marketing and Cork stopperpresentation of their products, and output like this adds a quality feel to what is essentially can be a very rough and ready hobby.

The fit is ok on a larger UK beer bottle I tried it out on (Schiehallion Ale), and also pictured here is the fit on a normal wine bottle, which is ideal. You need a good few millimetres protruding to spin or pop the top off. The smooth graduation of the wedge makes for a good, airtight fit, so this will be an ideal product to make storage jars for sweets and other foodstuffs. A good all round quality product. I’ll certainly make good use of this set to good effect with a couple of my favourite label bottles.