Beer bottle desk tidy

There are a good number of attractive real ale type of bottles on the market, many with imaginative label designs that appeal to the eye, but most are made of a pretty poor quality paper label, which is a shame as they could be so good if they were more durable. penpotI got a whole load of beer bottles given, but only one had a durable, high gloss vinyl type of finish that would be good to survive the water-based breaking process and subsequent use. The labels are usually large, so it limits the cut line to the top shoulder, but this makes for a deep pot with a number of uses. One thing I’ve found lately is the number of brewers who are switching from inkjet ‘best before’ dates to engraved ones. The later remain obtrusive on the bottle , whereas the ink-jet ones will come clean off with the help of a sharp blade, leaving a much cleaner look for a bottle cutter’s end use! This one had the engraved date right on the same shoulder, but it didn’t cause any difficulty in the cutting and cleaning up of the edge. The end result of this Dent Brewery Aviator bottle is perfect, and will be used as a desk pen pot. Very simple, easy to do and much nicer looking and greener than a plastic piece of desk clutter from a stationery shop. One for a real ale fan maybe.

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