Clear glass bonding

Having drank a couple of J2o orange drinks, the bottles looked promising in terms of shape to form a relatively attractive candle-holder. The base was flat, which should make for easier bonding onto a neck, and it also had a good cylindrical body. The shoulder part looked wide enough to be stable, and was quite shapely with a double curve, almost Ovalo style. I wasn’t sure at first that the bottle would fit on the Ephrem’s jig, but it’s much the same as an average beer bottle, so rotated comfortably on the rollers.

The pretty consistent glass cut nicely, just on the right point to make a nice foot for the neck to become the base. There was a small circle impression on there, from the bottle manufacture (a holding point presumably), bit it didn’t interfere with the cut, which turned out very cleanly. One of the YouTube videos said beer bottles were hard to cut because the glass was thin, but though this was a similar bottle, I didn’t find it any more difficult than the thicker wine bottle.  The two cut edges were finished with the diamond edging pads, and I repeated the bonding process as with the wine bottle. The glue application was fine, and because this bottle bottom was flat I decided to do the bond right in the window cill, and after pressing the bond to spread the UV glue, I just left the body rest on the neck without holding it. It didn’t move, and in the bright sun, the bond was solid after only about 30 seconds. I guess being clear glass aided that curing time also. The bond itself was very consistent, and almost undetectable from most angles. The smooth curve of the neck mouth seems to allow the bonding glue to level off just nicely and form a circular bond that blends in beautifully if you get the amount and even pressure to spread just right. I’m maybe using more than is required, but it looks good.

I left the candle-holder in the window for another hour or so, and then buffed it up to a sparkle. At this stage the bottle begins to show it’s ripples and waves in strong light, which is a nice effect. Here’s the end result:

Clear candle-holder

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