Kinkajou cutter lands

‘Breaking’ news! The newly designed and manufactured Kinkajou bottle cutter I ordered back in in the summer landed today. Well, when I say landed today, importdutywhat actually landed was a card through the door from the Post Office claiming a release charge for VAT and an £8 fee! Nice! So off I went down and paid the £12.91 ransom required to release the package. I don’t mind the VAT, but the fee is irritating. I wonder how often this occurs for relatively simple private purchases of such small value? It’s quite a chunk proportionately. At least I knew what it was for and worthwhile, unlike a number of people I know who’ve recently had similar cards to pay £1 handling fee + underpaid postage for what then turned out to be marketing junk-mail or late Christmas cards! Now that really would be annoying!  Oh well, ‘Que Sera Sera’ as they say in Czechoslovakia.

 For what was, at the time, a prototype product in a relatively niche market, that’s been quite an impressive achievement to collect enough pledge orders, kinkajoutweak the design through to final full production and ship worldwide in around half a year. The end-user packaging is certainly very professional and gives an initial impression of a modern and purposeful tool for the up-cycling community. It’s a weighty product, colourful and well presented. I’ve been impressed with the standard and professional way the Kinkajou has been brought to market throughout the whole process from pledge gathering on to the end sale using the website, videos, emails and blog marketing. Very well done to Pat and those at NKJ design for an interesting idea that’s grown, materializied and made it out there. I’ll be doing a personal opinion review on the cutter and adding it to my other ones soon when I’ve had a chance to use it. Certainly looks and feels good so far.

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