Bonding a glass bottle

So now I have cut a wine bottle successfully, and edged the parts, it was time to experiment with sticking the bits together. Due to a slow start in obtaining bottles, I’ve only got a green Hardys wine bottle, which has a dome bottom. Not ideal to learn to glue/bond with, but I thought I may as well have a go at it as it’s there and cut. I know there are plenty of ‘superglue’ types that can do glass to glass, but I’d heard Dan Rojas on YouTube mention UV bonding glue that was cured in the sun. This sounded really interesting, as I was familiar with the clarity of UV glue bonds through work. They look great, and there’s little mess when done carefully, unlike superglue types that go white, or leave glue trails.

I found a small 2g syringe applicator UV curing product called Fixsal on Ebay for a few pounds, and gave it a go. I looked at my positions of each piece prior to applying the glue to the neck, so to avoid any delays once the glue was applied and in daylight. The syringe applicator was easy to use and control, putting a steady flow on the rim as I circled around after the bottle was placed in the direct sunlight coming through the window. I placed the bottom on top of the neck carefully, trying to hit ‘centre’ , and as the contact was made and I pushed down gently, the bonded glue squeezed out to fill the top of the rim and the joint looked uniform and good. I held it rock steady in position for at least two minutes, then came the crunch time – would it stick despite the dome or would it slump and fall off? I released all grip and it stayed perfectly still, so I picked it up and a quick attempt to twist of the two parts showed just how strong the UV glue was. It was rock solid. Very impressive. The bond joint was immaculate, clear and almost invisible. A great product.

Here’s a photo of the first bonded item. A curious effect of bonding a dome-bottomed wine bottle is that it almost looks as if the neck has been driven into the bottle bottom and it’s melted into the final position. All in all, a very satifactory first bonding experiment. Next to try a clear bottle joint, and see just how clear and neat this UV bonding glue is.

UV bonding

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