1664 go large

Probably one of my favourite beer bottles to find and cut has been the green embossed Kronenbourg 1664 lager bottles. Not only is it a well made glass bottle, but has a nice looking embosed number around the lower body and a clean flat ridge to set the cutter to, leaving a very useful and good looking size of pot to hold tea-light candles in. I’ve literally made dozens of these already, and they work well.

I spotted a much larger version (660 ml)  in the supermarket this week, so grabbed one to try, but had to work my way through the crate to find a good clean one that didn’t have a rub on the shoulders where the bottles collide in transport. Being a tea-totaller, I whipped it round to the brother-in-law to do me the favour of performing the gruelling task of drinking a free beer, which he did with consummate speed and good grace!

1664 660mlI set the bottle up on the Ephrem’s cutter, as it was a good fit at this size, and cut a neat score, which  broke cleanly using the regular hot and cold water technique, saving both the base and the large neck which I’ll retain for another project. I edged both in my usual fashion, using two grades of diamond pads, and the end results were perfect. A very satisfying try-out of a useful bottle design in a larger size. I’ve photographed it here with the regular beer size for comparison. It’s large enough to take a smaller pillar candle, and could be used as a centre with a few smaller 1664 tea-lights around it.

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