Kinkajou cutter

After a morning or sorting out a whole load of bottles that I was just not getting towards doing, I had a bit of a browse on the net, and came across an article and link to a prototype cutter called the Kinkajou bottle cutter :

Interesting to see a new design being put up for backing to hopefully lead to production. It looks promising, though I’m left with a couple of points of wonder over the design. The first is just how accurate and level you can keep any twisting method, so that the score meets up perfectly. This will depend on how the device is designed. I wonder how you make sure it keeps a good line around the circumference of the bottle, without maybe slipping up or down. It could be clamped of course, but that’s a bit more than the toolless kitchen design principle. Though not clearly shown in full use, the results do show fairly clean and level cuts, so it’s certainly more hopeful than some I’ve tried. The second nagging doubt I wonder is how useful the adjustment feature to solve problem of non-symetrical and uneven bottles is going to be. Skipping can be a problem with any device , and in use you’ve certainly got both hands busy, by the nature of it’s handheld use, to try and keep contstant and even pressure on the wheel contact. It will be curious to see how this one evolves. I’ll be keeping an eye on progress, have made a pledge, and wish the inventor well with his project. hopefully it’s one which will come to fruition, and will be tested in the future. Good luck Patrick! The more varied choice and styles on the market the better.

Update (3/7/12):  In an email I’ve received since making a pledge, I’ve had an interesting update to the design which certainly answers the contact doubt I had above. It says the cutter will be spring loaded, which is something I had wondered that could work it better, as it does with the higher end Toyo and Silberschnitt hand held cutters we use at work. This should be great news to help on bumps, seams and irregularities in the bottles. The other is thumb-turn screws, which is a sensible idea to make it more tool-less.

Update (7/7/12): An email has arrived stating that the project has made it to the fully funded level just before the deadline, so will now go ahead. Great news, and a good example of social funding that gains momentum. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

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