Eco-friendly bottle

I’ve finally come across one of the eco-friendly, lightweight wine bottles, so was interested to see how well it cuts in comparison to regular wine bottles.

First impression was that it was hardly detectable as being much lighter, but I’m sure that’s just a trick of the mind, and that the true difference in weight as a percentage is actually quite significant. It certainly didn’t feel overly flimsy, that’s for sure. I soaked the labels and removed them, then cut it low down on the Ephrem’s bottle cutter with the help of my home made extension jig. The bottle cut and separated very cleanly using my usual hot water method.

At this point, I could see the major difference and obvious weight saving is in the thickness of the bottle body itself, as you can see in the comparison photo to the left. The wall thickness in parts was under 2mm, similar to many beer bottles. The base was punted, and had no significant loss of thickness compared to many common wine bottles. The edge smoothing process obviously required a lighter touch, but was fully successful. Many brands may well switch to more eco-friendly packaging over the next few years, so it’s been useful to try one out to see how they stand up to cutting.

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