Coca-Cola candles

After a wait of a few months to find a glass Coca Cola bottle to have another go at, I’ve been given two yesterday, so got cracking right away. The famous curved shape with ribs is good looking, but difficult to find a place to cut, with only the flat mid section any real use as a cutting point. Though it’s a packaging icon, I think you still need the logo remaining to differentiate it from a normal soda bottle cut, so there is a tight, but achievable, spot for the G2 cutter head just above the logo, under the ribs, to target. Both cuts were clean, and broke successfully using hot and cold water. The bottles were then edged off with care to leave a neat edge.

 After my first attempt at a Coca-Cola botte, which went well until I overheated the glass when attempting to level off the candle top and cracked the glass, I bought some black wax dye to try next time I got one of these bottles. I poured the wax in as far I could to keep the flame inside the glass, and left them to set. I’m still learning better techniques to try and avoid sweating on the glass surface, so I warmed the glass a little before pouring, and wrapped them in tin-foil to try and slow the cooling process down a bit. I’ve not added any fragrance in these two, as I’ve nothing suitable in at the moment, but I would imagine something on the lines of an aniseed or vanilla would work pretty well. This photo shows them just after the pour. Hopefully they will be not too sweaty or grey-ish in colour when cooled and levelled off.

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