Christmas day fixing

I popped round to my sisters later on in the day, and was presented with the neck and base of an Edinburgh Crystal wine glass, kept for me  to see if it was any good to use for some glass tinkering. It had been accidentally caught with a wooden spoon during the day and had broken right at the base of the glass and the neck head. I’m sure it could have been useful, but I enquired where the rest of the glass was, as what I had there wasn’t too fragmented, so I figured it might fix. It was fished out of the bin, and only a small fragment was missing – Well worth a try with the UV bonding glue I use.


Repaired glass 

It has seemed to work quite well, though it will never fool David Dickinson, with a slight lean which couldn’t really be helped. It will keep the numbers right, and hopefully will still be in use next Christmas day. Time will tell!


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