Hanging bottle lights

Now I’d made a home-made jig to successfully cut the bottoms from full size wine bottles using the Ephrem’s bottle cutter, I ordered a number of the hanging tealight holders from the Creative Glass Guild in Bristol.

Lit nottle hanger I guess long term the most economical option will be to actually make hangers at home, but these hangers are really excellent quality for the money. There are made from copper plated heavy gauge steel, and come ready to go with the eye-hook hanger and correctly positioned coils for the shoulder centrally suspend the bottle by the shoulder. A formed cup holds the tealight at the base, and the coils can be manipulated to suit the bottle length you have cut. They are very attractive right from the box, and the luscious copper colour makes them ideal for indoor or purely decorative use. Time will tell how they react with the elements outside. I’d imagine they might get their patina over time and look quite rustic. 

Brown bottle hanger

I already had a green bottle prepared from testing the homemade bottle cutter jig (blogpost: jig extension for cutter), so slid it on, lit the tealight, and hung it up outside, as seen in the night photograph above. I’d kept a nicely shaped brown bottle for use as a hanging bottle. I cut it down right at it’s base which went perfectly, as I’ve found the thickness near the bottom can be very variable and therefore difficult to cleanly break. The edges were finished very carefully, as this would be a point of access for hands.  As you can see from the photo, the bell-like shape to this bottle works very well, and makes a very attractive bottle light hanger.

Blue Nun hanger

And just completed and added is this Blue Nun wine bottle. These bottles can be quite erratic in glass thickness and consistency, and difficult to work with as a result, but the colour is really great, and should offer a nicely tinted light at night when lit. I’m looking out for a range of different coloued wine bottles. All of the different shoulder shapes so far have worked fine with these votive hangers, which are very flexible.

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