Clear and Simple

A very inexpensive and simple type of bottle that has turned out very useful has come from something I actually drink myself – j2o orange bottles.

j2o original size

I started with the original size bottles, with the longer necks, but actually the smaller party pack sized bottles are proving to be even more useful than the regular ones, and at something like around £5 for 12, give me a good number to have a go at.

The labels virtually float off invisibly after only a few minutes soaking in hot water, and the bottles are instantly sparking with just a quick dry on a tea-towel , proving them to be very easy to prepare! They are great size to roll on the Ephrem’s , and cut really well.

j2o party size

Though they feel very smooth to touch, it’s when they are clean and cut that you really notice the attractive ripple effect in the glass as the light refracts through the bottle. I’ve kept some of the short necks from these bottles for using as bases for green beer bottles in the mixed colour effects, but they are quite attractive just on their own, and seem to be popular with people I’ve shown them to so far. I’ve passed some of them on to friends and family, who are using them with tealights.

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