Embossed bottles


Cobra beer bottleSometimes a bottle style lends itself nicely to certain uses, particularly with heavily embossed beer bottles that leave little room to cut down in more than one or two places, usually around the middle between embossing or just at the neck shoulder. One such bottle I had donated was a Cobra beer bottle – an amber bottle with two banks of embossing on the body, and another on the neck.


Emobssed effect litThough embossed, the Cobra bottle rolled on the Ephrem’s cutter fairly easily, given care and firm holding to prevent bouncing. I cut the bottle at the shoulder, which gave a second chance of a middle cut if the first wasn’t successful. The bottle was very uniform in shape and thickness, and the edge was straightforward to work and finish. I’ve placed a tealight in it to show the lighting effect of the embossed amber, but it would be an ideal candidate in size for a poured votive candle, which is something I hope to begin looking at later on.


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