Tealight holders

After showing a few photos of the bottles experimented with so far, I got my first request  to cut some bottles, from my sister. She had a couple of embossed Kronenburg 1664 beer bottles, and thought they would make good tea-light holders for their caravan trips and patio area at home, and supplied a few bottles to have a go at.

The Kroneburg 1664 bottles themselves are ideal for this use, as they have an embossed ‘1664’ area of a few inches, topped with a solid section of flat glass before the bottle tapers in towards the neck – making a cut are that is a great size for tea-lights.

This photo shows them before I finished the edges, but you can see the look:

Kronenburg tealights

The bottles were very easy to roll and cut on the Ephrem’s , with a pretty consistent and solid glass cross-section. The cuts were very clean, leaving an easy finish to make a safe and attractive end result. The neck section looked too nice a shape to just abandon, so I put them to one size, for future use. All in all, a perfect green beer bottle to make tealights with – good size, and less plain than a normal flat beer bottle like Becks, Stella etc.  If I can get some ‘in use’ photos, I’ll add one to this post at a later date.

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