Yard bottle hanger

I’ve had a bottle hanger in the yard for a year or two now,brown as much to see how the copper rods weather over time, which they do really well. The wind at most gently sways them as the bottles, being round, are not badly affected. A brown curved wine bottle was my favourite hanger, as the shape and size was great, and the colour of the glass made the copper rod inside look really good. Sadly, with the high winds this week, some washing on the line blew wildly and helped smash it into the wall, and broke it. It would have survived on it’s own otherwise.

greenA change is a good as a rest, so I opted for a deep green bottle to replace it, as I had a choice of a few already prepared. It looks good under light and when lit, and will allow the continued observation of the copper rod weathering. So far, it’s still like new after well over a year. They cost a tenner each, but as with many things, you do get what you pay for.