Violet bottle suncatcher

I’d prepared a number of bottle end centres for use in copper foil designs, and had one single clear one, so I decided to use it up on another coloured border suncatcher just like the last one I made. I headed to the box again, and had a part-used sheet of light amber cathedral, which seemed ideal.violet With a clear bottle centre chosen, I wanted something with a bit of texture to it, without a strong colour, to blend the difference between the centre and a strong border colour. I followed the same method, this time using a 120mm centre square, with a 20mm border. For the border, I liked the strong look of a deep violet cathedral. All the glass cut well, and cutting ‘mathematically’ rather than to templates really wasn’t a problem at all, and worked very neatly. Finished with K grade solder, the end result is very nice, and the violet border looks really good.